Datacard® MXD™ Lite Card Delivery System

Exceptional value for inline fulfillment

The Datacard® MXD™ Lite card delivery system provides efficiency, reliability and data integrity at an affordable price. It integrates with the Datacard® MX6000™ or MX2000™ card issuance system to print personalized messages that strengthen loyalty, affix payment cards and fold carriers in one seamless inline process.

  • Leverage a market-proven platform.
  • Process up to 1,200 forms per hour.
  • Affix up to two payment cards per form.


Inline efficiency Print personalized forms (8.5" x 11" or A4), then affix one or two cards and fold carriers without slowing the productivity of your payment card issuance system. Superior card and form integrity Multiple verifications help ensure an exact match from card to form. The system’s integrated architecture drives payment card issuance and delivery with a single data stream, which simplifies operations, automates job handling tasks and gives you the option to generate activity reports. Proven platform Based on a proven Datacard® design, the MXD Lite card delivery system offers a very reliable platform for high-quality card delivery. Inline laser printing Featuring two laser printer options, the MXD Lite system optimizes throughput with print speeds up to 50 pages per minute and resolution up to 600 dpi. High-quality forms Expect sharper, cleaner results with a proprietary knife design in the folder. The sticker also uses transparent, double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape that helps prevent forms from tearing. Versatile design Select the standard configuration to process up to 500 forms per hour, or choose the optional buffer to process up to 1,200 forms per hour for Z-fold or standard C-fold, single-card applications. High-capacity output stacking Output stackers enable operators to perform many other tasks before clearing, which can lead to significantly higher productivity and operational efficiency. Inline envelope insertion Add the optional Datacard® MXi™ envelope insertion system to create up to 1,200 mail-ready pieces per hour.

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